Our Approach


Smart Leadership

Economic Development policy has a very wide role in the equitable development of commerce for cities. The problems and challenges that cities face need careful planning by SMART local government leaders, along with the active participation of SMART leaders from all sectors, to include the private sector, academic sector, non profit organizations and perhaps most importantly local community leadership.

SGM does the work to link SMART ideas, create mutual beneficial solutions and produce good processes for making and implementing decisions. Having good communication and transparency generally leads to better outcomes for both government and private clients. 

Smart Partnerships

"Team work makes the dream work." We set out to understand what's important to the given project stakeholders via a current state analysis to identify gaps and connect the dots to SMART Partnerships that:

  • Help Public sector clients accurately measure the “Total Cost of Ownership” warranted by the private sector 
  • Assess the risk vs reward of integrating Design/Construction/Operations/Maintenance/Life-cycle costs 
  • Produce innovation and continuous improvement 

SGM has strategic partnerships with highly capable companies which give us the ability to bring "best in class" subject matter experts to the table to address, in practical terms, what resources are needed, how the end customer defines success and collectively develop the path forward.    

Smart Governance

SGM recognizes that Cities are complex ecosystems with distinctive characteristics, including their human and cultural values, demographics, economic engines, history, and natural resources.

These characteristics can be leveraged to improve the quality of life for all residents, when we enable continual improvement based on accountability, transparency, and SMART Governance.  Markets that have a collaborative spirit within the public and private sector combined with synergy between the executive and legislative branches of Government  will win the future when it comes to urban design and urban revitalization.

SMART Governance, in the end, makes a market attractive and is essential for Business recruitment and retention.  SGM can help you create Proactive Marketing strategies that tell your unique story